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If I told you we are one of the Top 50 accountants in the UK, have more than 20 partners and over 150 staff in multiple offices in the London area you would probably think we are too big, institutionalised and process driven to provide the range of flexible, hands on and personalised services we deliver. After all, how could a firm that looks after in excess of 2,000 owner managed businesses with a combined turnover in excess of £20 billion keep it personal? Well, quite simply because it’s the one thing that has remained at the forefront of our business since its inception in 1899.

We’ll forge a close relationship with you to help you get the most out of your business. From tax-efficient planning, corporate finance, audit & accounts, pensions, even selling your business - we always put you first.

Our key resource is our team and we make it as easy as possible for you to talk to them. Because personal communication is the key to our success – you will have direct access to your dedicated partner, your audit manager and your tax manager, all without those dreaded call screening questions. They will get to know you personally, understand your financial strategy and communicate with other team members working on your account to ensure synergy and creativity across all departments.

Our aim is to deliver beyond your expectations - creatively, financially, technically and personally

Michael Parkinson, BSc ACA
Audit Partner

Your goals

Both your personal and business goals will drive our relationship. This is important as it gives you the reassurance that we are also thinking about your personal circumstances, giving you more time to focus on your business.

On a personal level we can help manage your assets, provide guidance on trusts, minimise your tax liabilities, advise on capital gains and inheritance tax, as well as pensions - all this alongside helping you with your business.

We pride ourselves on being financial translators - making it easy for you to understand your numbers and demonstrate the effects of different outcomes, all so you can make informed decisions with the reassurance that you have explored all your options. Rest assured that our creative thinking will deliver beyond your expectations and is one of the ingredients that makes Barnes Roffe so special.

Our people

Accreditations and affiliations are essential, but they don’t make us special - our people do! The students of today could well be our partners in the future. Personal development and career progression is taken seriously at Barnes Roffe, and our commitment to encourage the ambitious and driven younger members of our team to reach their full potential, demonstrates our commitment to our social responsibility and helps ensure the lifeblood and ethos of Barnes Roffe continues.

Our training scheme for school leavers gives access to real training whilst offering hands on experience and professional qualifications.

Our graduate accounting training scheme, open to around 15 graduates a year, is designed to give immediate access to excellent learning opportunities and allows them to focus on what’s important – their studies, whilst at the same time offering practical work experience and exposure to the businesses of our clients.

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Going the extra mile

We believe it’s not enough to just be your accounting partner, its that extra mile where quality accountants need to make a difference to their clients, a vital point we impress on our staff.

Every aspect of your business will be taken into consideration and we will identify the most important areas of your business and its greatest risks. By acquiring this insight we can provide you with not just a statutory audit and accountancy service, but can demonstrate to you how the identification and monitoring of key performance indicators can improve your business’ financial and operational performance, along with other useful guidance. We can also offer you advice on all your legal and regulatory issues as we are able to extend our services into other business areas which will minimise your need to consult a multitude of different advisors.

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They get to know you and understand your business and your needs.

Amanda, Clarkson Wright & Jakes Limited
The way they interact and engage with you is outstanding, they are always available, easy to get hold of and there when you need them.

Malcolm, Datek Solutions Limited
Barnes Roffe always find time, always... Stellar advice, very good business with a ‘genuine’ personal touch.

Michael, Affinity
Large enough to give all the services of the ‘big four’, but small enough to give that special customer service.

Gary, A1 Pharmaceuticals Limited

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