Social Security Benefits

November 1, 2021

Social Security Benefits


Social Security Benefits

2022/23 social security rates not yet published. These are the rates as at 27/10/21. Weekly rates and taxable unless stated otherwise.

Employment and Support Allowance (contribution-based taxable)

13-week assessment phase

Aged under 25:                                 up to £59.20

Aged 25 or over:                up to £74.70

From week 14 after Work Capability Assessment if eligible

In Work Related Activity Group

up to £104.40

In Support Group

up to £114.10

Bereavement Support Payments (non-taxable) – initial and for 18 months

Higher rate:* £3,500 lump sum

£350 monthly

Standard rate: £2,500 lump sum

£100 monthly

*If entitled to or claiming Child Benefit or pregnant at partner’s death

Statutory Pay Rates
Based on minimum average earnings of at least £120

Statutory Sick Pay

                                     £96.35 standard rate

Statutory Maternity Pay/Statutory Adoption Pay

First 6 weeks:  90% of average weekly pay                            

Next 33 weeks:  90% average weekly pay up to £151.97

Statutory Paternity Pay

90% of average weekly pay up to £151.97

Shared Parental Pay

Up to 37 weeks: 90% of average weekly pay up to £151.97

Child Benefit (see ‘Income Tax – High Income Child Benefit Charge’)

Child benefit, first or only child


Child benefit, each subsequent child


National Living/National Minimum Wage (hourly) 1/4/22 – 31/3/23

Aged 23 and over – National Living Wage


Age 21–22 – National Minimum Wage


Aged 18–20 – National Minimum Wage


Aged under 18 – National Minimum Wage


Apprentice – National Minimum Wage


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