Ambitious, hard-working and driven? These are all qualities held by a Barnes Roffe accountancy trainee. We want to help you achieve your career aspirations.

More importantly, we want to free you from the excessive burdens that can accompany some graduate training schemes and offer you the means to successfully pass your exams first time.

Our graduate accountant training scheme is designed with the specific purpose of giving you the best of both worlds: fast access to credible learning opportunities and the consideration to allow you to focus on what’s important – your studies, whilst at the same time offering hands on client experience.

Restricted around 20 graduates every year, we limit the size of our graduate training programme to give you the best start in your accountancy career: a system tailored to your own unique needs, desires and most importantly to your future

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Why should a graduate join Barnes Roffe?

The Barnes Roffe social scene

Our dream at Barnes Roffe is to find individuals who have got the desire, the drive and the ambition to achieve targets whilst maintaining our firm’s values; who understand our commitment to our clients and staff, and who can translate these qualities into a client and team commitment that will benefit Barnes Roffe as a whole.

We have come a long way since we were first established in 1899, yet our family standards remain the same. In all our transactions we endeavour to do more: for you, our staff and our clients… and it is a commitment that can easily be seen in our recruitment process too.

To date nearly half our Barnes Roffe partners began their journey as graduate trainee accountants within our firm. Working their way up from assistant to senior to manager to finally a true practice partner; the key to their success has been the knowledge that through our graduate training programme they had the opportunity to succeed. That within 10 years they could be partners.

We want you to experience this same satisfaction. To know that by training with Barnes Roffe you can become part of an equal partnership which is dedicated to the broadening of your knowledge base, the accomplishment of your practical training and experience and most importantly, a culture that is attentive to your career goals and aspirations. Apply for a role at Barnes Roffe today and take your first step towards becoming an integral part of the Barnes Roffe family.

Case studies

Duncan Stannett, Partner
After completing a degree in accounting in 1991, I trained at Barnes Roffe to gain a qualification in ACA accounting, and by 2000 was made a Partner.

I know this may appear rapid, but the training, experience and support I received from the Barnes Roffe team, made this intense training programme worth enduring. I wouldn’t change a thing.

My colleagues provide a great support network, and I know that with their help we can achieve great things for our clients. At the moment I have got a lot of plans in motion to help build up Barnes Roffe’s clientele, and the great thing is that the firm is 100% behind my goals. My biggest ambition is to grow the London Bridge Office turnover, win us bigger and better clients and develop an offering in Forensic accounting. Above all, I would like to help graduate accountants to experience the same successes I have achieved.

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