Financial due diligence

Financial due diligence

The success of any business acquisition you may be looking to make is influenced by the quality and the extent of the due diligence process you put in place before the purchase. Thorough financial, as well as commercial and legal, due diligence is advised before you make any business acquisition.

The objective of our due diligence service is to safeguard the acquisition process, arm you with knowledge about the financial performance of a business and highlight any potential financial risks. The process will safeguard against surprises further through an acquisition process and give you peace of mind that the price you are paying is in line with the true value of the business.

Our financial due diligence service will allow you to mitigate risks of any deal and improve the quality of any business acquisitions you are looking to make. It also provides a level of comfort to potential funders when you look to raise finance. We can provide these services and report to both you, and where necessary, your funders.


Why Barnes Roffe?

Our due diligence services are very much focused on helping you to make an informed investment decision. We will help you by providing robust financial due diligence services that are completely tailored to your individual requirements as a purchaser and the risk areas of the target company, but also suitable for your funder’s needs.

Our financial due diligence procedures allow us to perform a thorough examination of the target company’s finances through reviewing current, historic and forecast performance, and its financial position. We perform detailed tax due diligence to gain assurance that there are no hidden liabilities and that you have suitable indemnities and warranties in place from the seller.

Our partners and corporate finance experts know how to approach targets and obtain the information needed. We provide bespoke advice based on several factors. These include, but are not limited to, the sector in which your target operates, the geographical location and specific risks attributable to the individual company.

Barnes Roffe due diligence process

During the due diligence process, we will analyse and report on areas including:

  • Historical reported results
  • Cash flows
  • Forecasts
  • Assets and liabilities
  • Balance sheet and any off-balance sheet exposures
  • Financial systems and controls
  • Contractual commitments
  • Tax analysis
  • Accounting policies and provisions
  • Other factors that could affect future profits or liabilities

Barnes Roffe business sale services

  • Company valuations for sale
  • Tax valuations e.g., inheritance tax planning and employee share schemes
  • Options valuations for audit purposes
  • Shareholder exit and shareholder or commercial dispute valuations
  • Management Buy Outs (MBOs) valuations
  • Target company valuations for acquisitions
  • Company valuations during matrimonial issues such as divorce
  • Probate valuations
  • Investment valuations

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