Raising Finance

Raising Finance

There are various circumstances that can require the raising of funds. Some examples include growth capital, to allow shareholders to realise value, refinancing existing debt or to make an acquisition.

There are a wide range of potential funding options which include:

  • Debt options such as high street banks, asset-based lenders, debt funds or alternative lenders. 
  • Equity options such as private equity or venture capital. 

With so many options available it is a challenge and an important decision to get right, to work out the best available funding composition to give the business the greatest chance of achieving success. 

Why Barnes Roffe?

Here at Barnes Roffe, we have a wide network of people to access funding options that could save you a significant amount of money. We have strong relationships with banks, secondary lenders, private equity firms and other investors. So, we can help you to source the right funding package for your business.

Barnes Roffe funding services
  • Advice on funding options available to you
  • Preparing the business 
  • Approaching funders 
  • Preparing information and presentations to funders 
  • Management of negotiations with funders 
  • Project manage the process to completion 

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