Payroll Accounting

Payroll Accounting

Our payroll bureau performs a critical and real time service to our clients where both weekly and monthly deadlines exist. This is not only the running of the payroll itself, but also in the filing of real-time monthly and annual reports with HMRC, as well as uploading pension information to the various auto-enrolment providers.

We recognise that the delivery of this timely and reliable service is of paramount importance to the smooth running of our clients' businesses.

We have long maintained that advancing our technology applications is the key to making the payroll process as efficient as it can be. Eliminating the opportunity for input errors to arise by using input routines to transfer client prepared information directly into our payroll software is an example of efficient process. Likewise, the use of digital payslips delivered to private individual employee portals demonstrates our continued advances in digital security, as well as eliminating the need to print and deliver payslips personally. Of course, e-payslips may not be suitable for every business, and therefore our clients make their own service choices as appropriate.

Payroll advice is also important and all our offices offer advice based services to help with payroll and assist non-payroll clients with any queries that they may have. Indeed, many clients were thrilled to be able to check their furlough processes with us as we entered the pandemic and they were having to deal with a whole raft of new and untested legislation.

We recognise that time spent researching and understanding changes in tax, employee PAYE and NIC regulations is vital to our helping clients deal with this critical aspect of their business operations.

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