Statutory Accounts

Statutory Accounts

The preparation of annual statutory accounts for companies and limited liability partnerships has long been a main stay of the work of accounting firms. Indeed, for as long as limited liability has been in existence the preparation of statutory accounts for companies were accompanied by an audit opinion until the introduction of audit exemption for smaller companies.

Now it is common for annual statutory accounts to stand alone with no formal assurance except perhaps the quality of firm you choose to assist you in fulfilling your responsibility to prepare and file your annual accounts.

As a firm who delivers over 2000 sets of statutory accounts each year, we have refined and simplified our preparation process to maintain the quality and integrity of your company’s accounts whilst supplementing their presentation where possible with additional information and commentary to enhance their interpretation.

Our understanding of IFRS’s, FRS102, FRS102 1A for small companies, company law and UK GAAP allows us to prepare accounts for companies of all sizes and jurisdictions as well as for listed companies and their subsidiaries.

The preparation of group accounts using consolidation methods under merger and acquisition accounting further allows us to work with more complex businesses and company structures.

Finally, the ethical bar from auditors being able to audit accounts they have prepared themselves for their own clients is likely to become a growth area as companies seek external help and advice around their accounts preparation from specialist medium sized firms such as ours.

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