Audit and Assurance

Audit and Assurance

The provision of Companies Act audit services is highly regulated in the UK. With regulation comes the paramount responsibility to provide shareholders with an effective and efficient audit carried out by a qualified team of financial professionals under the leadership of a statutory auditor.

Despite the above, we believe audits can be carried out in a professional but friendly manner without the combative nature which can be created by the "them and us" culture exercised by some larger firms of auditors. Working together with clients to achieve a common aim is our chosen method to conduct audits in a professional and efficient manner.

We find communication is the key to the execution of a perfect audit, this includes:

  • provision of an information request list well in advance of the actual start date
  • pre audit team and client planning meeting
  • early warning memorandums ensuring that audit problem areas are highlighted promptly
  • finance department audit closedown meeting to comprehensively debrief on audit matters
  • final audit close down meeting with directors and/or shareholders
  • post-audit memorandum to highlight future improvements in corporate procedure or the audit process

As a firm committed to providing audit and assurances services we have developed our systems and team members so we can provide audits under the regulations of a number of bodies including:

  • AIM companies
  • CAA/ATOL (travel)
  • SRA (solicitors)
  • Property mark and Safe agent (property rental agents)
  • OPRA (pension fund)
  • Grant claims
  • Charity
  • Industrial & provident association
  • Credit Unions
  • Service Charge audits

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